Wosiwosi Partnership


Wosiwosi Business Partnership (WBP)

Wosiwosi Partnership is a partnership opportunity that allows individuals to partner with Wosiwosi Foods Limited in the importation and distribution of African food products, beauty items, and household products from across Africa into the UK and then distribute these products across European countries, including Italy, France, Spain, and others. Partners in Wosiwosi Partnership can benefit from significant annual returns  and other advantages while contributing to the promotion of African culture and products.

Up to 25% Returns on partnership

As a partner, you’ll actively participate in the importation and distribution of authentic African products, all while enjoying the potential for an impressive returns of up to 25%, which can be paid either twice a year or annually, giving you flexibility and a rewarding partnership experience.


Things we do as partners

Food and household product importation.

A prominent aspect of the Wosiwosi Partnership is the importation of genuine African food and household products into the UK and various European countries, made possible through the investments of our partners. This distinctive opportunity not only promises potential financial gains but also serves as a cultural bridge, introducing the rich flavors and traditions of Africa to a broader global audience. It’s an investment that combines profitability with cultural enrichment.

Branded product production, packaging and distribution

The Wosiwosi Partnership excels in the production, packaging, and distribution of over 30 branded products, which sets it apart as a standout feature. Partners are actively engaged in the entire process, from overseeing the creation of these products to their meticulous packaging and widespread distribution. This comprehensive approach not only assures the quality of the products but also offers partners an opportunity to contribute to the market presence and growth of these 30+ brands.

Providing reliable and profitable avenue for growing wealth.

One of the distinctive features of our partnership is its commitment to providing a reliable and profitable avenue for growing wealth. This opportunity ensures that partners can not only secure their financial future but also see substantial returns on their investments. The partnership’s focus on long-term financial growth makes it a particularly attractive choice for those looking to build and secure their wealth.

Promoting economic growth across countries in Africa

Partnerships like Wosiwosi play a pivotal role in promoting economic growth across countries in Africa, with a specific focus on Nigeria. By investing in the importation and distribution of African products, these partnerships stimulate economic development by creating jobs, boosting local industries, and increasing international trade, all of which are key drivers of GDP improvement. This proactive approach transforms partnerships into catalysts for economic expansion, fostering prosperity and vitality in communities and nations alike.


Sustainable, promising and tech driven partnership.

At Wosiwosi, we prioritize the security of your partnership, implementing a comprehensive strategy that encompasses Wosiwosi shares, tangible investments in Wosiwosi store products, dedicated warehousing facilities, and other strategic assets. Wosiwosi is also insured and this multi-layered approach aims to mitigate risks and provide partners with a secure investment environment. Rest assured, your assets are safeguarded through a diverse portfolio, ensuring stability and sustained growth within our partnership.

Wosiwosi partnership closes by 31st January, 2024


Here is a summary of it all

What is Wosiwosi Partnership?

Wosiwosi Partnership is a partnership opportunity that allows you to invest in the importation and distribution of African food, beauty, and household products into the UK and across Europe.

What is the requirement for partnership

Partners are required to make a minimum commitment of £5000.

What is the expected return

Partners can expect an impressive annual returns on partnership of  up to 25% annually 

How is my partnership secured?

Wosiwosi ensures partner security by making assets available for potential sale to cover partner commitments..

Can I monitor partnership operations?

Yes, partners have access to an online portal where they can track and monitor partnership activities.

How do I become a Wosiwosi partner?

To become a partner, simply fill and submitt the partnership form

What is the geographical scope of Wosiwosi Partnership?

Wosiwosi operates in the UK and partnership is welcome all over the world

Can I visit Wosiwosi in person?

Yes, we welcome in-person visits at our physical locations, view location

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